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Historic Documents and Memorabilia

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Unpublished Conference Documents

The PDF files below contain photographs of documents circulated at the Bretton Woods conference, from daily news bulletins to the telephone directory at the Mount Washington Hotel. These documents were not published in the 1948 conference proceedings because they were considered to be of low interest. We found many but not all of the unpublished conference documents. Many of the PDF files are very large and not easily viewed with slow Internet connections.

Questions and Answers on the Bank for Reconstruction and Development (June 10) New!
   - Also available in a more readable format as a CFS paper New!
Menu from Farewell Dinner
Document 20 Provisional Telephone Directory (July 1)
Document 33 Secretariat Notice (July 1; Numbering Duplication)
Document 39 Secretariat Notice (July 1?; Maplewood-Mount Washington Bus Schedule)
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July 1, 1944 Bretton Woods Conference
Source: United Nations
More Photos

The Bretton Woods Project at the CFS offers many photographs of historic figures at this iconic conference. Similarly, the Project seeks to build a living library of images and recordings from the conference or from those who were directly impacted by the conference. If you have images that we can digitize and share with the public, please contact Kurt Schuler,

The Original Transcripts

The PDF files below contain photographs of the typewritten transcripts of meetings at the Bretton Woods conference. The transcripts are keyed to the corresponding chapters in the book. Many of the PDF files are very large and not easily viewed with slow Internet connections.

Commission I: International Monetary Fund

Chapter 2 First MeetingJuly 3, 1944Transcript
Chapter 3 Second MeetingJuly 5Transcript
Chapter 4 Third MeetingJuly 10Transcript
Chapter 5 Fourth MeetingJuly 13Transcript
Chapter 6 Fifth MeetingJuly 14Transcript
Chapter 7 Sixth MeetingJuly 15 AfternoonTranscript
Chapter 8 Seventh MeetingJuly 15 EveningTranscript
Chapter 9 Eighth MeetingJuly 18Transcript
Chapter 10 Ninth (Final) MeetingJuly 19Transcript
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Proceedings and Documents of the Bretton Woods Conference

In 1948 the U.S. Department of State issued a two-volume set of proceedings from the Bretton Woods conference. The proceedings contain minutes of all major and most minor committee meetings. The ground rules of the conference, however, stated that minutes would generally avoid telling who said what. Minutes are accordingly much shorter than the corresponding transcripts, usually only describing the outcome of debates and smoothing over controversies rather than giving the full flavor of what transpired.
Our Table of Contents
Volume 1 (external link, very large PDF file)
Volume 2 (external link, very large PDF file)

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